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Insecticides & Miticides

3 Days to Damage- Steps to Wrangle Alfalfa Weevil

Midwest alfalfa growers consider alfalfa weevil larvae to be the significant enemy of their fields. Growers have faced many challenges in managing this pest, including resistance development, limited availability of control products and uncooperative weather patterns. A strong understanding of alfalfa weevil habits and strategic pest management programs will enable growers to mitigate crop damage and manage resistance concerns.

Join this live webinar featuring Bruce Steward, technical service manager for FMC, and Kelly Seuhs, associate extension specialist in entomology and plant pathology at Oklahoma State University, as they discuss the biology of alfalfa weevil and steps of controlling the pest using Steward® EC insecticide from FMC. You will learn about the alfalfa weevil stages, larvae feeding, scouting practices and resistance issues. Additionally, you will explore research data of Steward EC insecticide and how utilizing the tool in combination with Mustang® Maxx insecticide will stop alfalfa weevil from taking a bite out of growers’ profits

Key Takeaways:

  1. What residual chemistries are available to manage alfalfa weevil resistance?
  2. Important factors to consider when dealing with alfalfa weevil: hay prices, drought conditions, pyrethroid product viability and insecticide product availability.
  3. Steps to control alfalfa weevil populations using Steward EC insecticide and Mustang Maxx insecticide.

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