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The revolutionary PrecisionPac® application innovation dispenses up to 50 custom combinations of six granular herbicides to prescriptively target a grower's weed challenges.

Quick Facts

  • Simply packaged, low-volume granular herbicides are dispensed into bags labeled with each field name or number.
  • Supports accurate application by delivering custom herbicide combinations at exact prescribed rates and ratios.
  • Formulated to target specific field and weed control needs.
  • Simplifies sprayer clean-out since many of the custom combinations are formulated with patented TotalSol® soluble granules that dissolve into solution. 

Product Overview

The PrecisionPac application innovation from FMC gives retail agronomists the opportunity to create custom herbicide combinations specific to each grower, their crop and field. Each combination is as unique as the agronomic needs of the acre on which it will be applied.

The PrecisionPac machine pre-measures and mixes custom combinations so growers and applicators don’t have to, and it fits the desired field or sprayer tank. Growers receive a finished herbicide custom combination at the exact prescribed rates and ratios for their specific field and weed control needs, ensuring accurate application. Getting exactly the right combination in exactly the right amount minimizes waste and helps maximize control.

Product Specifications


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