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Capture® LFR® insecticide + VGR® soil amendment provides full-spectrum insect control, increased water efficiency and better nutrient availability throughout the season to produce stronger, more uniform stands and increased yields.

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Quick Facts

  • Controls seed and seedling pests such as wireworm, cutworm, grubs, armyworm, seedcorn maggot and common stalk borer.
  • In two years of field trials, Capture LFR insecticide + VGR soil amendment outperformed Capture LFR insecticide alone by an average 3.7 bu/A.
  • Seedlings emerge more uniformly and with the vigor to optimize production.
  • Patented LFR technology allows it to combine easily in the tank with VGR soil amendment's wettable powder and is specifically designed to mix in pop-up liquid fertilizers.
  • Excellent option for fields with areas of water or nutrient stress. VGR soil amendment contains a specific strain of Bacillus licheniformis, a naturally occurring bacteria that:
    • Supports larger root systems.
    • Improves water use efficiency.
    • Increases phosphorus solubility for better nutrient uptake and improved plant defense against abiotic stresses.

Active ingredient

  • Bifenthrin
  • Bacillus licheniformis

Labels And SDS

4 Labels Available

Supporting Documents

Product Overview

Capture LFR insecticide includes a convenient LFR formula that easily tank mixes with the wettable powder of VGR soil amendment in liquid fertilizers. It stays in suspension and won’t settle, delivering consistent protection against wireworm, cutworm, seedcorn maggot and common stalk borer. The naturally occurring bacteria in VGR soil amendment colonize roots for healthy plants that perform well in wet weather and nutrient-stressed environments. 


Always refer to the product label for an official listing of crop usage, restrictions and precautions.


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