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News From FMC

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Tips on Tackling Italian Ryegrass with Jason Bond, Mississippi State University

Rice crop

Tips on Tackling Italian Ryegrass with Donnie Miller, LSU Ag Center


Foundational Weed Control in Wheat with Anthem® Flex Herbicide

green wheat field

Season Two Testimonials: Growers and Retailers for Xyway® Brand Fungicides

Close up of corn roots

E-Book: Residual Recharge

soybean field

2021-2022 Grower and Retailer End-of-Season Perspectives

Grower and Retailer In Corn Field

Driving Forces Behind 2023 Input Decisions

Tractor disking a field.

Keys to Investigating and Diagnosing Crop Protection Disrupters

Man with notebook in a field.

FMC Launches New Three Mode of Action Foliar Fungicide Targeting Late-Season Diseases – Adastrio™ Fungicide

corn field

Getting a Jumpstart on Italian Ryegrass in the Rice-Soybean Rotation

Field with Command® 3ME microencapsulated herbicide applied to it.

FMC Launches Optimized, Low Use Rate Altacor® eVo Insect Control for U.S. Market

Lemon trees

Steps to Stem the Italian Ryegrass Population Explosion

Wheat field

Making the Case for Biologicals

seed sprouting in the dirt.

IPM Isn’t One Size Fits All: How Selecting the Right Levers Pays

Rows of a vineyard.

Avaunt® eVo Insect Control Receives Supplemental Label in California; Offers New Mode of Action to Target Codling Moth, Navel Orangeworm and Peach Twig Borer in Tree Nuts

almond trees

Making A Case for More Targeted Pest Management

Lettuce field

Spotting A Growing Invasive Threat: Spotted Lanternfly

spotted lanternfly

Sourcing Solutions For Your Sunflower Fields

sunflower crop

It’s Almost Time: The Final Factors Influencing Weed Control in 2022

soybean field

Weathering The Herbicide Supply Storm


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