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News From FMC

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Grapevine Trunk Diseases Rob Vineyards of Their Most Productive Years

Vineyard FMC Fungicides

FMC Launches Elevest™ Insect Control with Reliable Broad-Spectrum Activity

soybean field

Anthem® Flex Herbicide From FMC Labeled for Weed Control in More Crops

Lentil Image Anthem Flex

News Release: FMC Fungicide Can be Applied Via Pressurized Irrigation System to Manage Trunk Disease Complex in Grapes and Tree Nuts

Drip Irrigation Photo

News Release: FMC Launches New Authority® Edge Herbicide in the U.S.

New Authority Edge Herbicide Crop Photo

News Release: FMC Biological Products Earn Top Honors at 2019 Agribusiness Intelligence Crop Science Forum & Awards

Hero Photo

News Release: FMC Earns Six Finalist Spots for the 2019 Agrow Crop Science Awards

Science Photo

News Release: FMC Launches Lucento® Fungicide for 2019 Season to Manage Foliar Diseases and Fungicide Resistance

Lucento Fungicide Hero Image

News Release: FMC Corporation Earns Top Honors at 2018 Agrow Awards

2018 Agrow Awards Photo

News Release: FMC Introduces New Product for the 3RIVE 3D® Application System

3RIVE 3D Field Photo

News Release: Prevathon® insect control from FMC Now Approved for Use in California

Prevathon Insect Control Approved for CA

Media Alert: Anthem® MAXX and Authority® Elite Herbicides Added to Engenia® Herbicide Website as Tank-Mix Partners

Field Card Photo

News Release: FMC Announces EPA Approval for Another Dicamba Tank-Mix Option

EPA Approval of Dicamba Mix Card Photo

News Release: Rhyme® Fungicide Now Available for Use in Watermelon

Rhyme Fungicide Available on Watermelons

News Release: FMC Launches New Authority® Supreme Herbicide in U.S.

New Authority Supreme Herbicide - Crop Photo

News Release: FMC Corporation Introduces New Tool in Battle Against Resistant Western Corn Rootworms

Corn Field Photo

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