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Labeled for use exclusively in California, Shark® H2O herbicide controls broadleaf weeds and sedges in rice and wild rice without required draining or lowering of water level in basins.

Quick Facts

  • Controls key broadleaf weeds and sedges, including those tolerant to ALS herbicides such as ricefield bulrush, smallflower umbrella plant, ammannia (purple or redstem) and California arrowhead.
  • No required draining or lowering the water level in basins.
  • Active ingredient is absorbed into weed foliage to inhibit photosynthesis, which ultimately provides weed control.
  • Can be applied sooner than most competitive products. 
  • Can be applied in a sequential program with grass herbicides such as Ordram®, Bolero®, Abolish® or Cerano®.

Active ingredients

  • Carfentrazone-ethyl

Labels And SDS

5 Labels Available

Product Overview

Shark H2O herbicide is a predatory postemergent product that controls broadleaf weeds and sedges in rice. It takes care of weeds quickly, even those that are tolerant to ALS herbicides.

Shark H2O herbicide loves the water, so there’s never the need to drop the water level in your field to make it more effective.

Apply by air with a direct dry application (DDA) or a direct stream application (DSA) delivery so there’s no hassle using ground application equipment.


* Suppression only.

Always refer to the product label for an official listing of crop usage, restrictions and precautions.

Full crop listing

  • Rice
  • Wild Rice

State Registration

  • California

Registered for use in California only.

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