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Harvest Aids

Quick, Consistent Cotton Defoliation and Weed Desiccation

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Display® Cotton Harvest Aid

Display® cotton harvest aid is for cotton growers who demand reliable defoliation with less regrowth and rapid desiccation of viney weeds. Display cotton harvest aid is a PPO-inhibiting herbicide that comes as a concentrated, low-use-rate formulation. It delivers excellent results even in cool temperatures and tank mixes easily with adjuvants and other harvest aid materials.

Display Cotton Harvest Aid Quick Facts
  • Carfentrazone-ethyl (Group 14), fluthiacet-methyl (Group 14)
  • For use with spindle or stripper cotton
  • Provides fast, consistent leaf drop for maximum harvestable bolls
  • Removes regrowth and controls broadleaf weeds
  • Low-use-rate formulation: 0.3-1.0 fl. oz./A
  • PHI – Seven days; REI – 12 hours
  • Second application can be applied six to 10 days later. • Apply at 10 GPA – ground rig; 5 GPA – aerial application
  • NIS (0.25% V/V) or COC (1% V/V)

Cotton Defoliation with Aim EC Herbicide

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