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Insecticides & Miticides

FMC Launches Elevest™ Insect Control with Reliable Broad-Spectrum Activity

The only full rate premix of Rynaxypyr® active and bifenthrin delivers convenient, fast-acting, long-lasting residual control.

PHILADELPHIA, May 5, 2020 –The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently granted FMC Corporation registration for Elevest insect control in a broad range of crops including soybeans, sweet corn, cotton, peanuts and potatoes. New Elevest insect control combines full rates of Rynaxypyr® active, the industry standard for Lepidopteran control, with full rates of bifenthrin, the leading pyrethroid.

“Rynaxypyr active has long been the cornerstone for effective residual control of the worm complex, and bifenthrin is recognized as a superior pyrethroid with a broad spectrum, fast knockdown and long-lasting residual. Elevest insect control delivers the only fully-loaded combination of these two premier active ingredients in a convenient premix,” says John McCool, FMC insecticide product manager.

Elevest insect control provides growers enhanced activity on select Lepidopteran pests and a broad spectrum of more than 40 insects, including yield-robbing stink bugs and plant bugs that plague southern row crops. FMC research trials have shown Elevest insect control to be more effective on stink bugs and plant bugs than other similar premix products, according to McCool.

Following a mild winter, like the one experienced in 2019-2020, the potential exists for high Lepidopteran and plant bug populations. Scouting fields and knowing the insect spectrum will be key to selecting the best tools for the current and later season conditions.

“Scouting ensures you use the right insecticide at the right time. A premix product only fits certain situations,” explains Bruce Stripling, regional technical service manager for FMC. “If growers are fighting Lepidopteran insects, Prevathon® insect control with the single active ingredient Rynaxypyr® is the best agronomic choice for effective control—while also being cognizant of the value of conserving beneficial insects. However, later in the season, when growers may have to fight Lepidopteran pests plus other insects, that’s when the dual modes of action and broad-spectrum activity of Elevest insect control should be deployed.”

Elevest insect control targets key pests of soybeans often found at the R3 growth stage, including corn earworms, soybean loopers, armyworms and stink bug species. In corn, the premix is suited for tassel sprays for corn earworms and stink bugs. Late in the season, when cotton fields require treatment for bollworms and stink bugs simultaneously, Elevest insect control provides the desired spectrum of control.

For more information about Elevest insect control, visit your FMC Star Retailer or to learn more.

About FMC

FMC Corporation, an agricultural sciences company, provides innovative solutions to growers around the world with a robust product portfolio fueled by a market-driven discovery and development pipeline in crop protection, plant health, and professional pest and turf management. This powerful combination of advanced technologies includes leading insect control products based on Rynaxypyr® and Cyazypyr® active ingredients; Authority®, Boral®, Centium®, Command® and Gamit® branded herbicides; Talstar® and Hero® branded insecticides; and flutriafol-based fungicides. The FMC portfolio also includes biologicals such as Quartzo® and Presence® bionematicides. FMC Corporation employs approximately 6,400 employees around the globe. To learn more, please visit


Elevest insect control and Hero insecticide are Restricted Use Pesticides. Always read and follow all label directions, precautions and restrictions for use. Some products may not be registered for use in all states. Elevest insect control may not be registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your local FMC retailer or representative for details and availability in your state. FMC, the FMC logo, Authority, Boral, Centium, Command, Cyazypyr, Elevest, Gamit, Hero, Presence, Prevathon, Quartzo, Rynaxypyr and Talstar are trademarks of FMC Corporation or an affiliate. ©2020 FMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 20-FMC-0954 05/20