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Freedom to Revolutionize

FMC is at the forefront of crop protection innovation, so you can be too. Our 3RIVE 3D® application system is a revolutionary at-plant crop protection delivery platform that gives growers the freedom to farm faster. The system integrates formulation technology, application technology and active ingredients to efficiently cover more ground in less time with fewer refills, saving water, fuel, labor and time.

Growers who commit to and purchase minimum qualifying volumes qualify for a 3RIVE 3D application system at no initial cost.

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"This season, we ran about 2,500 acres with the 3RIVE 3D® application system and, coming from the SmartBox® system we previously had, night and day difference. With the SmartBox system, it was a full-time job just keeping the planter full of insecticide, and the boxes were awkward to handle. The 3RIVE 3D application system was just a lot simpler product to use. We could plant a lot more acres per day with it between fill-ups, and we were really happy with it."

Jay Harper
Newton County, IN

"One of the things we’ve seen with the 3RIVE 3D® application system is that it’s changed how we look at our seed purchases. We’re not necessarily buying the triple stack seed now because we don’t need the treatments that are on there with this product. They’re covered now. And it’s lowered our seed costs considerably."

Roy Houdersheldt 
Shelby, NE

FMC Freedom Pass Application Innovation Overview

2021-2022 3RIVE 3D® Application System Program

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