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The FMC Upside Webinar

Maximize Your At-Plant Benefits with FMC

Corn growers rely on reliable research findings and sound data to make informed decisions on their operations, whether that be deciding which nutrients to put into the soil, navigating through weather challenges or implementing a fungicide tool in the field. Recent research conducted by university crop scientists and FMC suggests one solution to protect corn from key foliar diseases and develop healthier, better performing and higher yielding plants: Xyway® brand fungicides.

Join this webinar as FMC technical service managers discuss the benefits of using At-Plant tools like Xyway® LFR® fungicide and Xyway® 3D fungicide from FMC. You will learn how At-Plant fungicides save time and resources during the growing season and how insects and diseases are reacting to the physiological effects of Xyway brand fungicides. Additionally, you will investigate at-plant strategies to implement on your own operations in 2023 and beyond.

Key Takeaways:

  • How an At-Plant fungicide can protect your investment from diseases
  • The four physiological benefits of Xyway brand fungicides: improved water movement, enhanced root growth and development, optimized nutrient uptake and overall physiological development.
  • Depend on Xyway brand fungicides when experiencing drought conditions to improve ease of water movement and reduce the negative effects of water-deficit stress on plant growth.
  • Steps to implement an At-Plant program and control diseases and insects on your operation. 

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