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Insecticides & Miticides

Factors Influencing Proper Pest Application and Efficacy Series: Alfalfa Weevil and CRW

Alfalfa weevil and corn rootworm populations pressured growers significantly in 2021, and their threat is expected to continue this season. Building and executing management plans that effectively control these two pests require thorough preseason evaluation of the factors that will influence pest pressure, the control options at growers’ disposal and product application.

Join this live webinar featuring FMC Technical Managers Bruce Steward and Brandon Schrage. These experts will explore the different factors - agronomic, environmental, regulatory and input-related - that will affect alfalfa weevil and corn rootworm control in 2022. They’ll also dive into the FMC insecticide solutions to consider when mapping out a management plan to tackle these pests.

Duration: 30 minutes


  • Factors to be considered for an effective pest control strategy of alfalfa weevil and corn rootworm this season.
  • FMC insecticide portfolio options to utilize as part of 2022 pest management plans.


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