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Topguard Terra® Fungicide: Cotton Protection You Won’t Regret

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Phymatotrichopsis omnivore, commonly known as cotton root rot or Texas root rot, presents a major challenge for cotton growers across the southwestern United States. In fact, estimated annual losses are approximately $29 million in Texas alone. The disease can survive for many years in the soil at depths up to 7 feet. Therefore, cotton plants need protection year in and year out. Cotton root rot develops in the late spring to early summer as soil temperatures approach 82 F. The first symptom is typically wilting followed quickly by plant death. Topguard Terra® was specifically formulated by FMC to manage cotton root rot and is currently the only product available to effectively protect cotton plants throughout the growing season.

Cotton Root Rot


  • Flutriafol, the active ingredient, is the first and only chemical product in over 100 years of research to control cotton root rot.
  • Offers best in class residual and systemic activity to protect cotton plants all season long.
  • Forms a protective barrier around the plant’s roots at the point of fungal infection.
  • Flexible application methods, including T-band, modified in-furrow, and drip irrigation.


  • Labeled use rate: 4 – 8 fl. oz./A.
  • Do not apply more than once per year.
  • Apply at planting in a T-band, the preferred method, modified in-furrow, or 3–4-inch band on top of the row.
  • May be injected into row 30 days prior to planting 2-3 inches below the seed placement zone (Texas only via 2(ee) Recommendation*).
  • Can be applied via drip irrigation where drip tape is no deeper than 12 inches below the soil surface.
  • Sufficient rainfall or irrigation is necessary to move the product into the infection zone.


*This Topguard Terra fungicide recommendation is made as permitted under FIFRA Section 2(ee) for use in cotton as preplant injection, preemergence, early postemergence and post directed application for management of cotton root rot (Phymatotrichopis omnivora) in Texas. This recommendation has not been submitted to or approved by the EPA. The 2(ee) expiration date is 12/31/2025.

Always read and follow all label directions, precautions and restrictions for use. Some products are not registered for sale or use in all states. FMC, the FMC logo, and Topguard Terra are trademarks of FMC Corporation or an affiliate. ©2021 FMC Corporation. All rights reserved 21-FMC-1849 03/21

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