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Harvest Aids

Target Tough Weeds For Quick Desiccation And Easy Wheat Harvest

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Using Aim® EC Herbicide As A Wheat Harvest Aid
  • Apply Aim EC herbicide at 1-2 fl. oz./A as a tank-mix partner with 2,4- D, Roundup®, or dicamba herbicides.
  • Apply once crop is mature and grain has begun to dry down. Seven-day PHI when used alone.
  • Thorough coverage is essential for effective harvest aid.
  • Spray volumes:
    • 15 gallons/acre ground
    • 5 gallons/acre by air is recommended.
  • Fast desiccation of vines and larger broadleaf weeds
Aim EC herbicide improves harvestability of fields with:
  • Kochia
  • Tansy mustard
  • Lambsquarters
  • Morningglories
  • Field bindweed
  • Russian thistle
  • Pigweeds/waterhemp
  • Field pennycress
Use Guidelines:
  • Use higher rates and water gallonage for large weeds, especially kochia or lambsquarters
  • Vines will normally desiccate within a few days; other weeds may take up to a week
  • AMS at 2-4 lbs. per acre may be added
  • Add a COC or MSO at 2% v/v
  • Observe directions/precautions on tank-mix product labels.


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