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Insecticides & Miticides

Take Control of Key Pests in Soybeans and Increase Yields

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It doesn’t take long for insects to do costly damage to your soybean season. Hero® insecticide from FMC protects your soybean fields with two active ingredients that deliver a dominant one-two punch against 45+ labeled pests before they cost you at harvest. 

Get fast knockdown and long-lasting control with Hero insecticide. It delivers reliable, convenient control of multi-pest complexes common in soybeans. Effective, dual-active knockdown takes out pests other insecticides may miss. 

 Active Ingredients: Zeta-cypermethrin and bifenthrin 
Chemistry Class: Pyrethroids, IRAC Group 3A 
Formulation: 1.24 lbs. ai/gal. 
Signal Word: CAUTION 
REI: 12 hours
PHI: 21 days
Rate Range:  4 -10.3 fl. oz./A

Hero insecticide controls insects from foliar feeding, reduces disease transmission, protects blooms for pod development and protects pods for bean development. 

Hero Insecticide Soybean Feeding

Hero insecticide delivers reliable, convenient control of multi-pest complexes common in soybeans. 

Rate Soybean Pests Controlled
2.6-6.1 fl. oz./A Bean leaf beetle, cutworm, flea beetles, grasshoppers, green cloverworm, thistle caterpillar, silver-spotted skipper 
4.0-10.3 fl. oz./A Alfalfa caterpillar, armyworms, blister beetle, corn rootworm (adult), corn earworm, cowpea curculio, cucumber beetle (adult), Dectes stem borer, European corn borer, false chinch bug, grape colaspis (adult), hornworms, Japanese beetle (adult), leafhoppers, leafminers (adult), loopers, Mexican bean beetle, seedcorn maggot (adult), soybean aphid, spittlebug, thrips, stink bugs, webworms, woolly bear caterpillar
10.3 fl. oz./A Two-spotted spider mite, lygus species, whiteflies
  • Dual action, broad spectrum, long residual, full-season yield protection and maximum insect control.
  • Flexibly tank mixes with fungicides, post herbicides and foliar fertilizers for greater efficiency and ease of application.
  • State-of-the-art technology increases the spectrum and length of control for more value from your insecticide dollar.

Hero insecticide is Restricted Use Pesticide. Always read and follow all label directions, precautions and restrictions for use. Some products may not be registered for sale or use in all states. FMC, the FMC logo and Hero are trademarks and HatchTrak is a service mark of FMC Corporation or an affiliate. ©2020 FMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 08/20


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