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Realize optimum wheat quality and yields through consistent and effective weed control

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Anthem® Flex herbicide and Finesse® Cereal and Fallow herbicide make growing wheat a little easier. Both products provide effective control of troublesome weeds that face wheat growers and get fields off to a strong start. They also provide superior residual performance that keeps working through harvest to deliver a clean crop for faster and easier harvesting. Both products have excellent crop safety profiles, can be easily tank-mixed with other registered products and can be applied by ground or aerial application. 

Anthem flex herbicide

  • Provides effective control of Italian ryegrass.
  • To maximize performance on Italian ryegrass, apply prior to Italian ryegrass germination. 
  • Must be activated with rainfall or irrigation to provide control; a half-inch of water required to activate.
  • Plant wheat a minimum of 1 inch deep but less than 1.5 inches deep.  

 Finesse Cereal and Fallow Herbicide 

  • Delivers excellent control of winter annual weeds such as henbit and mustards.
  • Can be applied at your normal topdress time to control broadleaf weeds with one weed-and-feed trip. 
  • Compatible with liquid fertilizers, making it easy and economical to achieve weed control after one application.
Product Attributes Anthem Flex Herbicide Finesse Cereal and fallow Herbicide
Active Ingredients: Pyroxasulfone + Carfentrazone-ethyl Chlorsulfuron + Metsulfuron Methyl
Herbicide Class: Group 15 and 14 Group 2
Formulation: Suspoemulsion Dry flowable
Recommended Rates: 2.0-4.55 fl. oz./A

0.5 oz./A preemergence

0.3 -0.4 oz./A postemergence

Preferred Application Timing: Half-inch shoot through fourth tiller Apply preemergence or anytime from the two-leaf stage to boot. 
Herbicidal Activity: Contact and residual Contact and residual
Weeds Controlled:  Italian ryegrass and control/suppression of broadleaf weeds Henbit, mustards, chickweeds, wild buckwheat and others.
Grazing Restrictions: Do not harvest, feed, or graze within seven days after application. None

Benefits of Anthem Flex Herbicide & Finesse Cereal and Fallow Herbicide

  • Delivers long-lasting residual control of important and troublesome weeds, protecting yields. 
  • Mixes readily with other herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and liquid fertilizers. 
  • Easy-to-use formulations that dissolve completely and quickly in spray tank.  
  • Excellent crop safety. 

Always read and follow all label directions, precautions and restrictions for use. Some products may not be registered for sale or use in all states. FMC, the FMC logo, Anthem and Finesse are trademarks and HatchTrak is a service mark of FMC Corporation or an affiliate. ©2020 FMCCorporation. All rights reserved. 20-FMC-2843 08/20


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