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Realize Optimum Sorghum Quality And Yields Through Consistent Insect Control

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Prevathon® insect control powered by Rynaxypyr® active provides effective control of corn earworm, sorghum webworm and fall armyworm that feed on sorghum heads. Prevathon insect control brings the powerful active ingredient Rynaxypyr to the sorghum industry and, along with it, effective, long-lasting insect control; a shorter re- entry interval (four hours) after application; and minimal impact to most beneficial insect species, thereby not flaring aphids or mites. Prevathon insect control combines these attributes to optimize sorghum yields and quality while having an excellent worker protection standard profile.

What are Sorghum Headworms?

Sorghum headworms are made up of three different species of caterpillars, cotton earworm, sorghum webworm and fall armyworm. Sorghum headworms feed on the flowers and developing kernels, which can cause severe yield loss if left uncontrolled. Scouting for sorghum headworms should begin immediately after the majority of the sorghum heads in a field have finished flowering. Typical thresholds are one to two larvae per sorghum head and may vary with the size and species of the headworm and the value of the crop.

Prevathon® Insect Control Powered by Rynaxypyr® Active Technical Information
Active ingredients:
Chemistry Class:
Anthranilic diamides, IRAC Group 28 
0.43 lbs. ai/gal. 
Signal Word: None
REI: Four hours
PHI: One day
Pests Controlled: Corn earworm, sorghum, webworm, fall armyworm and grasshopppers
Key Use Rates of Prevathon Insect Control in Grain Sorghum:
  • Apply at 14-20 fl. oz./A (0.047-0.067 lb. ai/A) as a foliar spray. Use a minimum of 10 GPA of water for ground applications.
  • For the control of corn earworm, sorghum webworm and fall armyworm on sorghum heads, may be applied at 14-20 fl. oz./A in a 50% band applied directly over the sorghum row as based on FIFRA 2(ee) recommendation*.
  • Use proportionately less product i.e., 7-10 fl. oz./A in those 50% banded applications. Use a minimum of 10 GPA of water for banded applications.
  • When applying as a 50% band, spray nozzle must be located directly over the sorghum heads at the recommended height above the spray target (sorghum head) to achieve the correct spray band width.
Benefits of Prevathon Insect Control in Grain Sorghum
  • Delivers long-lasting residual control of headworms and other pests, protecting yields.
  • Works through ingestion, contact and has ovi-larvicidal properties so control can be assured within a wider application window. 
  • Offers excellent crop protection by working right away to stop insect feeding and keeps working for 14-21 days. 
  • Does not flare aphids or mites.


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