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Harvest Aids

Harvest Aids in Corn, Grain Sorghum, Soybeans and Rice

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As your crops start to dry down for harvest, consider applying a harvest aid to assist in desiccation of crops and weeds. Aim® EC herbicide is registered for use as a harvest aid in several crops including corn, grain sorghum, soybeans and rice.

Remember: Harvest aids do not help mature crops or even reduce moisture content. However, harvest aids do improve the harvestability of crops by increasing the speed of harvest and providing a cleaner harvest.
Whichever harvest aid you choose, remember to add Aim EC herbicide to help desiccate weeds such as morningglory, hemp sesbania, velvetleaf and others.

Regardless of harvest aid products used, be sure to review the labels for all restrictions or precautions. One key restriction is the preharvest interval (PHI). This is the interval at which the last application of a product can be made prior to harvesting of that crop. Aim EC herbicide has a three-day PHI on corn, grain sorghum, soybeans and rice.
Since Aim EC herbicide provides only contact activity, applications should be made with spray volumes sufficient to provide complete coverage of foliage. Use a minimum of 10 GPA of finished spray for ground application and 5 GPA for aerial application when using Aim EC herbicide as a harvest aid.

Remember, applications should be made when the crop is mature and the grain has begun to dry down, or according to Extension service guidelines in the use area.

Application Guidelines

  • Apply harvest aid treatments after corn, grain sorghum, soybeans and small grains have reached physiological maturity.
  • Corn, sorghum, soybean and rice all have a three-day PHI.
  • Thorough coverage of weeds is essential for good control.
  • Aim EC herbicide may be applied by ground or by aerial application.
  • Volume or gallons per acre (GPA)
    • By ground, apply at 15-20 GPA
    • By air, apply at 5-10 GPA
  • Apply at higher GPA, especially when weed populations are high, or weed size is large i.e., over 6 inches.
  • Use flat fan nozzles within recommended pressure ranges for best performance.
Crop Use Rate Tank-Mix Options
Corn 1.0-2.0 oz./A Apply after hard dough/dent stage.
Glyphosate 32-48 oz./A
Sodium chlorate 4.5-6.0 lbs. ai/A 
1.0-1.5 oz./A 
Glyphosate 32-48 oz./A
Gramoxone Inteon® 0.5 -1.0 pt./A
Sodium chlorate 4.5-6.0 lbs. ai/A
1.0-1.5 oz./A 
Sodium chlorate 4.5-6.0 lbs. ai/A
Glyphosate 32 oz./A
Rice 1.25-1.47 oz./A Sodium chlorate 4.5-6.0 lbs. ai/A
Glyphosate 32 oz./A

Adjuvant Guidelines

  • COC/MSO at 1 gal./100 gallons of spray solution should be added to glyphosate treatments.
  • Add AMS/UAN as needed when required by the tank-mix partner.


Find insights and data on how Aim EC Herbicide improves harvest and weed desiccation in key crops.


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