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Changing The Way We Tackle Foliar Disease Control In Silage Corn

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In the Southeast, where high disease pressure is the norm, disease control is critical to producing a high yielding silage crop. Xyway LFR® fungicide is the first and only fungicide that can be applied at planting that provides season-long foliar disease protection. Applying the fungicide at plant saves time and hassle while ensuring the plant is protected before yield-robbing diseases show up in the field.

Benefits of Xyway LFR Fungicide

  • Convenience - at plant application saves time and application costs.
  • Application consistency – applied to the soil and taken up by the roots to provide complete inside-out protection from diseases.
  • Proven efficacy - provides disease protection and yields equivalent to foliar fungicide applications.
  • Excellent control of silage corn diseases - Southern corn leaf blight, Northern corn leaf blight, grey leaf spot.
  • Less trips across the field – can replace an aerial VT/R1 or early-season fungicide spray.
  • Healthier plants – start the season strong with healthy roots, stalks and foliage, enabling the plant to withstand stress better throughout the season.

Trial Results

Photos Taken 128 DAP – Martin, TN

Silage Trial Results

Manheim, PA, 2020

Planted: 6/12/20; 103-day RM

Silage Trial Results

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