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Harvest Aids

Aim® EC Herbicide: Cotton Harvest Aid

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Aim® EC herbicide from FMC makes cotton defoliation fast, easy and economical. Aim EC herbicide, which contains carfentrazone-ethyl, is unsurpassed for cotton defoliation, juvenile regrowth removal and weed desiccation in spindle and stripper cotton.

Aim EC Herbicide Defoliation Facts

  • Warm temperatures, adequate soil moisture, available plant food and use of boll opening rates of ethephon products can all increase the likelihood of juvenile growth.
  • Aim EC herbicide is a contact defoliation product with excellent juvenile growth removal characteristics.
  • Aim EC herbicide can be used as a harvest aid to desiccate or dry down troublesome broadleaf weeds.
  • Aim EC herbicide is registered for use on wheat and small grains, and can be used safely next to these crops as a cotton harvest aid, in case of any inadvertent drift unlike paraquat-type products.

Aim EC Herbicide Application Guidelines

  • First & Foremost - Make sure cotton is mature and ready to defoliate. Minimum of 65-70% open bolls present.

  • “1+1+1 Recipe” = 1 fl. oz. rate of Aim EC herbicide + 1 quart of an ethephon product (enhanced or regular) + 1% v/v high quality crop oil concentrate.

  • Coverage is Critical – 5 GPA by air or 10 GPA by ground. Need to get these products on the target for them to work correctly. Ethephon on bolls and Aim EC herbicide on the leaves!

  • Previous experiences with this tank-mix combination have shown harvesting can begin seven to 10 days after this treatment.

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