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Group B Herbicide

Express® Super Herbicide

A mixture of water soluble and water dispersible granular herbicides for the control of certain broad leaved weeds in dry land cultivated cereals in the winter and summer rainfall areas.

Quick Facts

Active ingredients

  • Chlorsulfuron 
  • Metsulfuron Methyl 
  • Tribenuron Methyl 

Labels And SDS

3 Labels Available


EXPRESS® SUPER is a highly active herbicide that in very small quantities, when used incorrectly, can cause serious damage to crop seedlings or deciduous fruit trees and grape vines during the budding and early season growth stages. When aerially applied under the following conditions, it can cause serious damage as far as 3 to 5 km from the nearest flight path of the aircraft: cloudy weather with relative humidity above 80 % and low air movement of less than 5 km per hour. Where such conditions prevail, aerial application should not be carried out where crop seedlings or deciduous fruit trees and grape vines in budding or early development stages are present within 5 km of the nearest flight path.

Full crop listing

  • Wheat
  • Barley

Product Specifications


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