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Good to Grow Podcasts

Growing Through Crop Conversations. The FMC Good to Grow podcast is dedicated to exploring the latest trends and challenges in specialty and row crop management. We’re bringing you the expertise, agronomic tips and best practices to help make the most of your growing season.

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Do you smell that? The growing use of pheromones is part of an effective IPM system.

Aerial view of crop field.

A Meeting of PCA Minds: Grapevine Trunk Disease

Grapes on vine

Examining the Relationship Between Irrigation and Crop Protection

Drip Irrigation

At the Intersection of Crop Productivity and Yields: Crop Protection


Addressing Aggressive Corn Diseases: The Multi-Million Yield Robbers

Corn sunset tile

The 411 on Curvularia Leaf Spot

Corn sunset

Friend or Foe? How Distinguishing Pests Effectively Can Pay Dividends.

Predatory Dance Fly

The Potential of Biologicals — The Next Layer of Crop Protection

Lettuce with roots exposed

Securing Full-Season Protection on the Alfalfa Acre


Establishing Full-Season Weed Control in Rice

Rice Field

Finding Success at the Root Level

emerging corn

Research Recap: Xyway™ Brand Fungicides Grower and University Trials

Young Corn Plant

Good to Grow: Emerging Weed Challenges: Metabolic Resistance

Row crop metabolic resistance

Good to Grow: Scouting For and Combatting Corn Rootworm Beetles

corn field

Good to Grow: Curbing Herbicide Resistance With Best Practices

Soybean plant with sky

Good to Grow: Growing Season Outlook & How To Prepare

corn field

Good to Grow: How To Start and Stay Clean With Effective Weed Management

clean field

Good to Grow: Tool To Manage Disease In Soybeans

Soybean field

Good to Grow: Early Protection of Tree Fruit

Apple trees

Good to Grow: Diversifying Cropping Options With Rotation Flexibility

soybean field

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