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Rhyme Fungicide Available on Watermelons

News Release: Rhyme® Fungicide Now Available for Use in Watermelon

PHILADELPHIA, May 31, 2018 – FMC Agricultural Solutions announces it is marketing Rhyme® fungicide for use in watermelon crops, excluding California. “Rhyme fungicide is a powerful tool to combat gummy stem blight and powdery mildew, two of the most damaging diseases in watermelons,” says Darin Sloan, insecticide/fungicide segment manager for FMC. “This highly systemic fungicide quickly moves into the plant including new growth to provide curative and preventative control.” The active ingredient in Rhyme fungicide, flutriafol, is one of the most systemic and longest lasting triazoles available to growers.

“Trials have shown Rhyme fungicide greatly reduces the incidence and severity of gummy stem blight and powdery mildew throughout the season when applied at planting followed 30 days later by a second treatment. Using a nonionic surfactant enhances performance,” says Craig Heim, FMC technical service manager. “It should be used as part of a comprehensive spray program.”

In watermelon research trials, Rhyme fungicide consistently reduced the incidence and severity of gummy stem blight in watermelons. In a 2016 University of Florida watermelon fungicide trial, the entry treated with foliar applications of Rhyme fungicide with a nonionic surfactant had disease severity ratings of only 18.4 percent compared to 85.3 percent for the non-treated control at the end of the season.

The disease control provided by Rhyme fungicide protects yields. In a 2016 Georgia fungicide trial for gummy stem blight, the entry treated with Rhyme fungicide yielded 35,250 pounds of melons per acre compared to only 6,250 pounds per acre for the nontreated check and 25,250 pounds per acre for the Luna® Experience fungicide plots.

Rhyme fungicide, a FRAC Group 3 fungicide, should not be used in more than two consecutive applications or four total applications per season in watermelons. For resistance management, tank mix Rhyme fungicide with Koverall® fungicide (mancozeb) to bring in a second mode of action when treating gummy stem blight or target spot. To maintain performance of Rhyme fungicide and other fungicides in the same FRAC Group, tank mix or rotate with a different fungicide mode of action group effective against target pathogens.

Rhyme fungicide controls a wide range of diseases that damage tree nut, fruit and vegetable crops. It is labeled on more than a dozen crops including: grapes, almonds, walnuts, tomatoes, strawberries, melons, stone fruits, brassicas and leafy vegetables.

Rhyme Fungicide on Watermelons

2016 Georgia watermelon trial
In the above trial, the Rhyme® fungicide treatment (5 oz. + NIS O.25%) delivered the highest yield with 35,250 pounds per acre compared to only 6,250 pounds per acre for the nontreated check and 25,250 pounds per acre for Luna® Experience fungicide.

Gummy Stem Blight in Watermelons

2016 Florida watermelon trial
In the above University of Florida trial, gummy stem blight disease severity ranged from 6.4 percent to 18.4 percent with treatments of Rhyme fungicide, compared to a disease severity rating of 86.1 percent for the non-treated check and 48.4% for the Luna® Experience fungicide entry.

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