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FMC backs the performance and residual of Steward® EC insecticide for adult corn rootworm control. FMC is excited to demonstrate the outstanding residual performance for foliar pests in field corn, popcorn (excludes CA) and corn grown for seed, providing an additional tool for growers to manage yield-robbing pests. Steward EC insecticide has been shown to be very effective on a broad number of insects including adult corn rootworms, Western bean cutworms, European corn borers, corn earworms, armyworms and grasshoppers.

When Steward EC insecticide is applied at a minimum of 10 fl. oz./A with a properly timed application for control of adult corn rootworm and a second application is required within 21 days due to adult corn rootworm counts exceeding two beetles per plant (determination shall be made solely by an FMC representative and/or FMC authorized agent), FMC will reimburse up to $12.00/A or the cost of respray products*, whichever is less, for a second application to manage adult corn rootworm populations.

Qualifying Product

Pests Control Assurance

Assurance Benefit*

Steward EC insecticide
at 10 -11.3 fl. oz./A

One beetle per plant or less for up to 14 days

Up to $12.00/A

  Two beetles per plant or 21 days Up to $12.00/A

* A non-treated check is required to determine the level of the CRW population and for comparison to determine the success/failure of the Steward EC insecticide application in question.

To claim full assurance benefit, retreatment product must be an FMC-branded product, per local FMC representative recommendations. Use of non-FMC products for retreatment will not be eligible for the full assurance payment level.

  • Adult corn rootworms stop feeding within zero to four hours after ingestion. Pest death follows within one to three days.
  • The residual efficacy of Steward EC insecticide is dependent on effective plant coverage. Thorough spray coverage is essential for optimum control.
  • Minimum spray volumes of 3 GPA by air (minimum 5 GPA in AZ and CA) or 15 GPA by ground  and proper timing (10% or more gravid females) is needed to achieve maximum performance.
  • The addition of MSO, COC, or deposition aid at 8-16 fl. oz./A is required for optimal spray deposition. Most foliar-feed type products can be tank mixed. Some acid-type products are not permitted. Check with your local FMC representative for further details on what is permitted.


  1. Must use minimum use rate(s) listed in the chart above.
  2. Regular weekly scouting by a crop consultant or field advisor is required to monitor insect populations to optimize the application timing and to determine the actual level of control.
  3. Products must be applied according to label use directions or 2(ee) recommendations.

Program Application Period: July 1, 2022 – August 15 , 2022
Claim Deadline: August 30, 2022
Program Geography: U.S.
Program Claim Deadline: Contact your FMC representative within five business days of identifying a problem.


  1. Assurance benefit is for product costs only. Application and other related costs are excluded from assurance payments.
  2. An authorized FMC representative must be notified of a claim within five business days of identifying a problem. FMC must have a reasonable opportunity to inspect prior to any additional product applications. The authorized FMC representative must confirm inadequate product performance.
  3. Proof of purchase is required. Only FMC-branded products purchased from FMC authorized distributors or retailers and reported by electronic reporting methods are eligible for payment under this program.
  4. Only product purchased for resale to growers is eligible for payment under the terms of this program.
  5. FMC reserves the right to audit all claims. Misreported sales of any type are a clear violation of this program and will be subject to audit and possible forfeiture of any and all program benefits.
  6. FMC is in no way liable or responsible for any grower failure to pay the retailer.
  7. FMC reserves the right to change any or all features of this program at any time.

Always read and follow all label directions, precautions and restrictions for use. Some products may not be registered for sale or use in all states. FMC, the FMC logo and Steward are trademarks of FMC Corporation or an affiliate. ©2021 FMC Corporation. All rights reserved. Version 1, 2022-FFP-ASSURE-CORN-ROOTWORM-STEWARD 09/21