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Kivalo® Fungicide

Fungal infections pose as a major threat to crop yield and quality. KIVALO® fungicide prevents initial contamination and further disease extension. It helps improving the marketability of the produce and the business of the growers. The benefits of KIVALO® fungicide go beyond controlling the diseases to help growers meet the increasing quality and safety needs of the food chain and export. It's unique combination of SDHI & Triazole chemistry fungicides that have prophylactic action inhibit the pathogen at 3 important phases of disease extension:

  1. Germination
  2. Incubation
  3. Sporulation

Quick Facts

  • KIVALO® fungicide has leaves & fruits protectant activity. With its exceptional efficacy against target diseases it enables growers to protect crops
  • KIVALO® fungicide is a systemic fungicide recommended for the control of Powdery Mildew and Anthracnose diseases in Grapes & Chili and should be sprayed as soon as the signs of disease are noticed. Optimal efficacy can be achieved with protective use
  • Timely application of KIVALO® fungicide checks the fungus growth, keeps the plant healthy and leads to extended validity and higher marketability of the produce, thus benefiting the entire food chain
  • KIVALO® fungicide with its acropetal activity distributes the active ingredient into leaves through the xylem & with its translaminar activity provides protection to non-treated surfaces

Active ingredients

  • Fluopyram 17.7%
  • Tebuconazole17.7% w/w SC (400 SC)

Labels And SDS

5 Labels Available

Supporting Documents

Product Overview

KIVALO® fungicide is a broad-spectrum fungicide which offers a new way to protect plants against diseases. The product working is focused on stopping the disease spread & contamination thereby offering the quality yield to farmers which in return increases the marketability of the produce and results in an increase in farmer income. KIVALO® fungicide is a combination of Fluopyram and Tebuconazole which offer two different modes of action. Fluopyram technical interferes with the respiration cycle of fungi as it breaks the respiration chain in the Mitochondria of the fungus cell by blocking its energy production. Whereas, Tebuconazole interferes in the process of building the structure of fungal cell wall. KIVALO® fungicide is perfectly suited to horticultural crops in terms of both its efficacy and environmental profile.


Full crop listing

  • Grapes
  • Chili
  • Onion
  • Rice